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Hila Mezuman /biography

Born in Israel, 1984

2007-2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts: Film & Video, The City College of the City University of New York (Magna Cum Laude)

Participated in world-wide Photo exhibitions 

Honor for conducting the stock-images project, by Yes's engineering deputy director-general (December 2015)
Certificate of Honor for my contribution my skills to the farewell event at the Israel's Ministry of defense, Mission to the U.S (July 2011)


- Director of Photography, knowledgeable about cinematic procedures as well as the latest technologies and cameras

- Skilled in using editing software such as Final Cut Pro/Premiere (video) and Photoshop (stills)

- Experienced with both studio and outdoor projects, real life tv, video and stills, experienced working on broadcast and web-based video items

- Motivated, goal and detailed oriented, excellent interpersonal relations, perceptive and diligent  

Determined to get involved in larger scale productions and contribute my skills and dedicated work in the film industry.
As I'm working on various projects, I manage my stills photography studio which provide services for pregnant women, fresh parents and families.

Strive to incorporate tools I have mastered in my everyday work, while climbing to reach my goal to become a recognized Director of Photography.

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